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Why does my skin itch ?

If your skin is itchy, it's because you have atopic eczema. But this can be easily treated if you follow the advice of your dermatologist carefully !

What is an allergy ?

An allergy is when your body identifies some substances like dust or certain foods as enemies.
That's why you need to be careful and let someone know when you sneeze a lot.

Have I put my toys away neatly ?

It's important to help mummy tidy up so that you can avoid the dust that makes your skin itchy.

How do I cleanse my skin ?

So that your skin stays soft and doesnt itch, you should use special products for your delicate skin (called syndet or surgras).
Then, dry your skin by patting it gently, without rubbing.

Can I look after my skin all by myself ?

That's an excellent idea! It's really easy and fun to do.
Just do what Lipi does in the pictures and you can apply the cream all by yourself for your
entire body !



The 8 golden rules of Application

First, wash your hands
Next, squeeze some balm onto your hands and rub them together
Apply the balm first to your face, making small circles on your cheeks and on your forehead
Don't forget your neck
Now, put some balm on your tummy, still making small circles
Next, spread it on your arms, working from hand up to your shoulders
Do the same with your legs, spreading the balm from your feet up to your thighs
Ask your mum and dad to help you apply the balm to your back








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